The Sports I Play

Today, my blog post is going to be about the sports I play or am going to play this year. Currently, I play basketball, volleyball, as well as eventing horses. I also hope to run track in the spring.

I am aware that most of you are probably thinking “what in the world is eventing?” Eventing is a three-phase sport in which you ride a horse and jump them over obstacles such as big logs, poles, and other obstacles. Eventing is so special to me because I absolutely love horses and I love the rush of adrenaline you get when you are galloping (galloping is riding a horse who is sprinting) and then jump over something and gallop off. Eventing is also very special to me because I have been eventing since I was in 3rd grade. Before third grade, I was barrel racing, which is galloping a horse around a special pattern.  After 3rd grade, I decided I wanted to compete in the sport eventing just like my aunt.

The first phase of eventing is dressage. Dressage is the only phase you don’t jump in; instead, you follow a pattern you have memorized around an arena, which is like a huge sandbox. The pattern consists of turns and circles and more technical movements. There is a judge who judges the way you and your horse execute the movements. The second phase is show jumping.  In this phase, you are in a fenced-in field jumping poles that have been raised above the ground about 2’6” up to 3ft. You have to follow the pattern and jump the jumps in the correct order without any refusals. The third phase is absolutely my favorite! The third phase is cross-country and it is the most exciting, in my opinion. Cross-country is the phase that I am riding my horse, Bailey, during, in the picture above. In this phase, you gallop around an open field jumping the jumps in the correct pattern, with three or fewer refusals, or you are disqualified. Well, I hope this helps you understand what eventing is and why I love it so much!

Now on to basketball, which is also one of my favorite sports. I got the picture of the basketball’s from Photos For Class. I play school basketball as well as AAU basketball, which is travel basketball. Basketball is special to me because my dad has coached me since I was in preschool all the way to 6th grade.  This is my first year without my dad coaching school basketball.  AAU basketball is a team made up of a maximum of two girls from your school and other girls from other schools. In AAU basketball you go to different places, even out of your state, to play in tournaments with the other members of your team. This summer we went to Indiana a bunch to play in tournaments. I have always enjoyed basketball and I can’t wait for this year. It will be my first year playing middle school basketball!

Well, now you know all about the sports I currently play. I hope anyone who reads this blog post learns something about eventing. Basketball and eventing are definitely my top two sports!

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