A Donkey or a Camel

I have a very hard question for you, would you rather ride on a donkey’s back or on a camel’s back as your main mode of transportation? But first, we have to recognize that old man on the donkey in the picture above! I found this awesome picture using Photos For Class. Just imagine waiting in line at the McDonald’s drive-through on your donkey or camel! I would be the girl on the donkey.

There are pros and cons to both animals. For example, camels are pretty tall and I can just imagine them getting stuck somewhere. But some pros to the camel could be huge steps that would potentially get you to your destination faster than a donkey would. But on the other hand, do you really want to fall off a camel’s back. That would be a long way to fall.

One of the reasons I would pick the donkey would be so I could go through the drive-through at fast food places without getting stuck. You might be wondering what you could get stuck under but believe it or not, camels are so tall that you could hit your head on the bar that hangs down like the awning window. While I am talking about how tall camels are, one pro to riding a donkey is you can get on their back easily. Can you imagine trying to jump onto a camel’s back, they are just so HUGE! However, a donkey might be stubborn and decide that they don’t want you to ride them.

My question to you is, would rather ride a donkey or a camel as your main transportation? I would love to hear your opinion about this topic. You can respond in the comments!

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