The Countdown Till the Craziness

I created this image because I am very excited about Christmas! I created this countdown with Canva. If you read the smaller print you will see that we are getting a puppy on Christmas Eve! Recently, I have had a hard time waiting for the day we get our puppy. I just cannot believe we are getting it on Christmas Eve. I bet you can predict why there is a puppy in the picture. Our puppy was born 2 weeks ago. We are having a big debate in my family currently trying to decide what to name the puppy! Personally, I love the name Remington and we could call it Remi. However, the other candidate for the name is Josie, in the comments maybe you could tell me your pick!

I am always looking forward to Christmas, my family all gets together and has a huge party. We always have Christmas at my grandma’s house and have a huge lunch right after church. I attempted to make a little picture of what Christmas will look like at my house! On Christmas Eve my mom always reads us the book “The Night Before Christmas” that is what made me chose to put a Santa character in my picture. Rember to pick your favorite puppy name!

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